Game Boy Phenomenon

Patricia Ndombe


The passion from your fingers

is already vapor on my thighs


I choke it down

bite bitter screenshots

block messages from nights

when you played the sweet siren


Now you’ve cuffed my wrists to

the bedpost above the pillows

And as you run back to your

gaming chair

it’s my turn to play slave

I will wait for you

to love me again


I watch you

caress your controller

with my color still on your lips

They are dry        Buy some chapstick        I love you

I watch you


pick and peruse through the games

on your PS4 as if

they were prostitutes All 

of your games

look the same to me I say 

as if I wasn’t the only free trial in your room


I love on the thought of my home

I am a stuffed animal

with buttons for eyes yanked off and I

count how much gas I’ve guzzled

to play mother bird to you


My papa once told me

the God of Israel was a jealous God and

now I understand

What’s the lesson

I ask myself

Never date a gaming boy

His controller’s first

His mother’s next

and third comes all his toys