Resources to Support Black Creatives and Learn More About Equity in the Arts


If you want to find more resources visit here and here 

Black Businesses

Looking to financially support Black-owned + operated businesses but don’t know where to start? Here are some resources to use to help you get started!

People to follow 

  • Kehinde Wiley (Visual Artist) – @kehindewiley
  • Kenturah Davis (Multimedia Visual Artist) – @kenturah 
  • Samantha Irby (NY Times Bestselling Author) – @bitchesgottaeat
  • Deun Ivory (Art Director, Photographer) – @deunivory
  • Vasti Harrison (Illustrator) – @vashtiharrison
  • Chimmamanda Adichie (Novelist) – @chimmamanda_adichie
  • Yoyo Lander (Painter) – @yoyolander
  • Kiley Reid (Bestselling Author) – @kileyreid
  • Tianna Bracey (Painter) – @tiannabraceyart
  • Shantell Martin (Artist) – @shantell_martin
  • Azure Antoinette (Poet) – @hello_azureantoinette

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For people who want to learn more about Black underrepresentation in the arts.