Editor-in-Chief Camilla Keil

Managing Editor Cortney Ollis

Design Editor Emma Carter

Audio and Video Editor Javian Evans

Literary Editor Heather Boggess

Assistant Literary Editor Ryley Fallon

Visual Editor Maya Mitchall

Promotions Designer Alyssa Occhetti

We’re Hiring!

We’ve extended the deadline for the Assistant Design Editor and Promotions Designer positions. Please send your resume and 3-5 examples of your design work to

Assistant Design Editor

The assistant design editor works alongside the design editor in the visual creation of Windhover. The assistant design editor will be asked to complete tasks such as proofreading the final book, designing pages, and organizing layout. The assistant design editor will contribute to the design editor & editor-in-chief’s publication theme and assist in the scheduling of design deadlines. All editors are expected to attend weekly meetings, keep up consistent communication with the editor-in-chief, and to promote/attend Windhover events unless reasonable excuse. Proficiency in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator is necessary, Adobe Photoshop proficiency is preferred. 

We are currently seeking volunteers for the 2021-2022 school year. Please email for more information