Windhover 2020
Volume 54

Editor-in-chief: Xenna Smith
Managing Editor: Aubrey Izurieta
Design Editor: Emma Carter
Assistant Design Editor: Molly Mills
Literary Editor: Divi Sharma
Assistant Literary Editor: Willow Sage
Visual Editor: Layla Peykamian
Audio & Video Editor: Malley Nelson
Web Editor: Menaka Kumar
Promotions Designer: Noah Wilde





07/08/2008: Tianni Montgomery

Alexis: Shawn Fredericks

Amerikkka: Griffin James

An Ode to Mongo of Shrek 2: Griffin James

Battle Against the Night: Abhijeet Krishnan

Beautiful Weakness: Victoria Kern

Fester: Marley Bost

For Dad: Tianni Montgomery

Four letter Words: Holly Brantley

Game Boy Phenomenon: Patricia Ndombe

Green Cape: Adam Sichel

Guessing: Holly Brantley

Life Lessons from my Mother: Holly Brantley

Like a Bee: Kali Fillhart

Little Time Left: Justin Lindemann

Music: Mairead Maley

My Sister: Anna Bagnal

phrases i repeat until: Thomas Jackson

The Break Up: Kali Fillhart

The Church of Jesus Christ and Chain- Smoking Saints: Caleb Dross

The Green Court: Mary Day

The Mulberry Tree: Jeremy Lowe

The Yellow Boat: Lucy Marcum

They Seek Harmony in the Way Those Sounds Move Together: Q Pfeiffer

Vulnerability: Marley Bost

Welcome Home: Prairie Moon Dalton

What Happened in Dad’s Office: Hannah Cooper

What the Flowers Saw: Amber Lee